Main Optical Formulas


Formulas for Single Lens(in air)
Focal length of Two Ideal Lenses
Numerical Aperture
F Number
Theoretical Spot Diameter of Lens
Focal Length of Concave Mirror
Magnification of Beam Expander
Light Refraction
Light Shifted by Parallel Windows
Angle of Beam Deflection by Wedge Windows
Surface Reflectance( in air)
Critical Angle
Brewster Angle
Optical Density(OD)

Formulas for Single Lens(in air)------------------------------ ---
Coding rule of lenses (when light moves from left to right)
Focal length of two ideal lenses---------------------------- -----
Numerical Aperture(Numerical Aperture : NA)----------------
F Number------------------------------------------------------------
Theoretical spot diameter of lens-------------------------------
Focal length of concave mirror-----------------------------------
Magnification of Beam Expender---------------------------------
Light refraction (Snellfs law)-----------------------------------
Light shifted by parallel windows--------------------------------
Angle of beam deflection by wedge window--------------------
Surface Reflectance (in air)---------------------------------------

Critical Angle--------------------------------------------------------
Brewster Angle-------------------------------------------------------
Optical density (OD)------------------------------------------------

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