About Us
UltiQuest Technology is a leading manufacturer of optical components in China,Headquartered in Shanghai and founded in 1999. UltiQuest Technology offers a broad range of innovative optics and crystals components products from UV to IR region along with supporting coating service. The company's goal is to become a premier supplier of high quality and precision optics for commercial,defense, Aerospace, education lab and broadband communication industry as well.

We committe to customer total satisfaction by continuously improving our technical core, effectively enforcing strict quality control in the whole process, and aggressively pursuing and incorporating all the possible technology and equipment that are available today to provide competitive product to meet customers' rising demand for differentiation.

UltiQuest's core technology includes YVO4 crystal growing, glass and crystal optics cutting, polishing, coating, and the state-of-the-art automation technology for cutting-edge micro optics assembly. At the same time,we hold special polishing technics on infrared material. Their surface can be reach 10-5 scratch and dig as top quality. It will be most satisfaction with customer who are looking for special requirements and application.

Manufacture Capability:
Our facilities are dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality products in the industry.For now,we provide fabrication and coating of plano, spherical, elliptical, toroidal, and prismatic optics from a wide range of glasses, fused silica, and crystalline materials such as quartz, indium antimonide, zinc selenide, zinc sulfide,, silicon, and many metals. We fabricate components in sizes ranging from 5mm diameter to 300mm diameter. Our technicians routinely hold figure tolerances of 1/10 wave or better, angular tolerances of < 1 arc second, and surface quality of 10/5 or better. For more,pleas e refer to our tolerance list page.

Custom fabrication is performed routinely. If you are unable to find the specific optical element or coating you require within our web pages, please contact us with your requirement for a prompt quotation.

Products Examples Range:
UltiQuest Technology's product range as below:

  • Optics components series:
    -Spherical Lenses(Plano Convex, Plano Concave, Double Convex, Double Concave, Meniscus Lens)
    -Cylindrical Lenses(Plano Convex, Plano Concave Cylindrical Lenses)
    -Windows(Circular, Square ,Elliptical,Toroidal,Wedge Windows)
    -Waveplates(Multi-Order, Zero Order, Achromatic,Dualwavelength Waveplate)
    -Prisms(Right Angle Prism, Penta Prism, Dove Prism, Dispersive Prism, Corner Cube,Dove,Porro,Corner cube Prisms)
    -BeamSplitter(Plate,Cube,Polarizing Beamsplitters)
    -Filters(Absorptive ND,Metallic ND,Interference,Birefringer Filter)
    -Laser Optics

  • Crystals series:
    -NLO Crystals(BBO, KTP, LiNbO3, KDP and KD*P, LiIO3, etc.)
    -Laser Crystals(Nd:YAG, Nd:YVO4, Ti:Sapphire,etc.)
    -Passive Crystlas(Cr4+:YAG)
    Birefringent Crystals(a-BBO,YVO4,Calcite,etc.)
    Optical Crystals(YAG, Sapphire, etc.)

  • Coating services series:
    -Antireflective coating
    -Partial reflective coating
    -Beamsplitter coating
    -High reflective coating

The People
The UltiQuest Team consists of experienced and well-trained personnel from various professional background. Our expertise teams offer a well-balanced mix of optical design, optical engineering, material science, crystal growing, opto-electronics, integrate optics, telecommunication, and broadband networks. The company's highly hybrid management team has come strongly with extensive international management background. Teamwork has been well accepted throughout the company as the key to maximizing the personal value, the customers' value, and the shareholders' value.

The Quote
As UltiQuest always does, getting yourself a competitive supplier will give you a competitive edge on your competitors. So, let UltiQuest be one of yours.



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